Research: Climbing Up the Quality Ladder Through International Trade: Evidence from the Global Expansion of Chinese Smartphone Brands

Jie Bai (Harvard Kennedy School)


The Chinese smartphone industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the current decade. With major players such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo making large strides in pushing the boundaries of their product both marketwise and technology-wise, the role of international trade has become more important than ever for new technological products to gain traction within emerging markets. Professors Bai and Yingyan Zhao (George Washington University) will focus on researching the effects of trade in the context of technological advancement and how Chinese smartphone companies make market entry decisions in developing countries.

Research: The Impact of the Social Credit System in China

David Y. Yang (Faculty of Arts and Sciences-Economics)


A relatively new system, China’s Social Credit System aims to establish a unifying record system that tracks and evaluates the trustworthiness of Chinese citizens and businesses. Professor Yang’s research tackles questions of whether the Social Credit System induces crowd-in vs. crowd-out behaviors, serves as a good signal of inherent characteristics, and generates a dissonance in private vs. public behaviors. Utilizing a sample of 2,000 residents in and around Rongcheng (a pilot city of the Social Credit System), Yang will conduct a series of surveys, econometric analyses, and experimental methods to answer the research questions posed.

Conference: Policy Development Seminar at People’s Bank of China – Program on International Financial Systems

Hal S. Scott (Harvard Law School)


The Program on International Financial Systems led by Emeritus Harvard Law School Professor Hal S. Scott will be hosting the third annual policy development seminar in China in May 2020 in partnership with Harvard Law School and Tsinghua University’s People’s Bank of China School of Finance. Attracting over 500 regulators and thousands of participants around the world, the conference aims to strengthen the relationship between senior Chinese regulators and U.S. regulators by providing an opportunity to discuss crucial issues such as improving China’s financial systems, increasing the capacity of Chinese financial market regulators, and the development of China’s capital markets. This year’s conference will feature prominent figures in the field such as Craig Phillips, Steven Mnuchin, and Robert Jackson.

Conference: Workshop on Lessons learned from Chinese National Malaria Elimination Program: From 30 Million to Zero Malaria Cases

Dyann Wirth (Harvard School of Public Health)


Spearheaded by Professor Dyann F. Wirth of the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health, a two-day workshop on new scientifc breakthroughs regarding malaria, its prevention, and elimination will be held at the Harvard Center Shanghai in June 2020. This conference will serve as a gateway for scientists, researchers, representatives, and experts in the feld from all over the world to gather, collaborate, and discuss numerous pressing issues in regard to malaria. Some topics that will be discussed include: approaches to improve malaria surveillance, China’s role in technology transfer and human resource capacity building in other parts of the world in an efort to eradicate malaria, expansion of malaria knowledge to local and national levels, and recent breakthroughs in innovations and research regarding malaria.