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Experiences in liberal arts and science education from America, Europe, and Asia: A dialogue across continents

A Palgrave Macmillan Pivot Book

The global debate on liberal arts and science education is engaging many regions and countries, including China. This book highlights the visions and experiences of international leaders in the field of liberal arts and science education from around the world. It discusses regional trends and models, with a specific focus on developments in and cooperation with China and focuses on why this model seems to respond to the 21st century requirements for excellence and relevance in undergraduate education. The contributors to this book examine how this can be implemented across academic cultures, structures, and traditions; they explore how it relates to the changing teaching and learning experience and to the contextual role of cultures and values. In doing so, they consider various international innovations, start-ups, and major international collaborations between U.S., European and Asian institutions with a view to system-level impact, secondary education structures and the demands from the labor market to better understand the opportunities and the challenges for China in developing liberal arts and sciences education.

Book Contents

  • A global dialogue on liberal arts and sciences: re-engagement, re-imagination and experimentation William Kirby (Harvard University) & Marijk van der Wende (Amsterdam University College)
  • China’s search for its liberal arts and sciences model Gerard Postiglione (The University of Hong Kong)
  • The significance and practice of liberal education in China Li Cao (Tsinghua University)
  • In Asia, For the World: Liberal Education and Innovation Pericles Lewis (Yale-NUS)
  • New liberal arts and science institutions in India and Singapore – the role of STEM education Bryan Penprase (Pomona College / Yale-NUS)
  • Polymathy, New Generalism and the Future of Work: A little theory and some practice from UCL’s Arts and Sciences BASc degree Carl Gombrich (University College London)
  • University College Freiburg: towards a new unity of research and teaching in academia Nicholas Eschenbruch, Hans-Joachim Gehrke, Paul Sterzel (University College Freiburg)
  • The Liberal Arts and the University. Tracing the Origins and Structure Of Undergraduate Education In the US and at the University Of California Nicholas B. Dirks (UC Berkeley)
  • Transcending boundaries: educational trajectories, subject domains and skills demands Dirk van Damme (OECD & Ghent University)

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New Directions in Liberal Arts and Science Education in Asia

A Special Issue of the International Journal of Chinese Education

This special issue includes a number of papers presented at the small-scale seminar co-hosted in May 2015 by the Harvard China Fund and Amsterdam University College. These papers focus particularly on issues of liberal-arts education in a collaborative context – reaching across borders, regions, and traditions – with special attention paid to these concerns in China, Japan, and India. With contributors from around the world, each presents in-depth examinations of a particular aspects of liberal-arts education and unique perspectives on the global spread of this educational approach as well as suggestions of ways in which its philosophy will continue to develop. These papers highlight the scope of liberal arts and science education in Asia and identify the challenges that these traditionally Western modes of teaching face when migrating to the East. They consider the difficulties present in this endeavor and suggest solutions for how these variegated educational philosophies can coexist and develop further.

Special Issue Contents

  • Editorial William Kirby (Harvard University) & Marijk van der Wende (Amsterdam University College)
  • A Historical and Global Perspective on Liberal Arts Education: What Was, What Is, and What Will Be Kara A. Godwin and Philip G. Altbach (Boston College)
  • Empiricism and Idealism: Do we need a mode shift of general education in China? Jinghuan Shi (Tsinghua University) & Yi Lu (Fudan University)
  • Internationalization of liberal arts education in Chinese higher education: challenges and opportunities Shaoxue Liu & Jiabin Zhu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
  • The endless dance: realization of Western liberal arts tradition in Chinese cultural context Ching-Fai Ng (Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College)
  • The Application of a Western-style Liberal Arts Education Model in a Non-Western Environment: The Case of Japan Michael Lacktorin et al (iCLA, Yamanashi Gakuin University, Japan)
  • Blending Cultures of Pedagogy Kathleen A. Modrowski (Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities, India)
  • Walking Bridges: Placing the Liberal Arts and Sciences Between Secondary and Tertiary Austin X. Volz (Avenues: The World School, Beijing Campus)

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