LAS Conference

Global Dialogue on Liberal Arts and Science Education

The global debate on liberal arts and science education is engaging many regions and countries, including China, which would gain from this model in terms of global integration and influence. This is illustrated by inspiring examples of experimentation, reform, and international cooperation with liberal arts and sciences models, while sustainable success would require substantial governance reform.

This small-scale invitation-only seminar brings leaders and scholars in the field of liberal arts and science education from around the world together to discuss regional trends and models, with a specific focus on developments in and cooperation with China. They will focus on why this model seems to respond to the 21st century requirements for excellence and relevance in undergraduate education. On how it can be implemented in different contexts and across academic cultures, structures, and traditions. How it relates to the changing teaching and learning experience and to the contextual role of cultures and values. Various international innovations, start-ups, and major international collaborations between U.S., European and Asian institutions will be explored as to understand the opportunities and the challenges for China in developing liberal arts and sciences education. Trends will be discussed with a view to system-level impact, secondary education structures and demands from the labor market.



Conference Details

  • Location:
  • Harvard Center Shanghai
  • 哈佛中心(上海
  • Date:
  • May 20 – May 21, 2015