The Next Wave of Chinese Urbanization Conference

The Harvard-China Urbanization Summit “The Next Wave of Chinese Urbanization: Impact on Economic Growth, Urban Governance and the Built Environment within and beyond China” is co-organized by Harvard University and the Harvard University Graduate School of Design Academic Committee on Real Estate and the Built Environment, and sponsored by the Harvard China Fund. It will be held at the Harvard Center Shanghai located in Shanghai Pudong on June 6, 2018.

This summit will examine and speculate on potential trajectories for China’s next wave of urbanization. It will be a timely debate and discussion of the challenges and opportunities for China’s leadership in urbanization policy, the consequential impact of a directional shift on China’s built environment, both urban and rural, and the empirical applicability of economic and urban governance paradigms on the country’s global competitiveness and social stability. Thematically, this summit will have three main focuses:

1. Alternatives for reforming and restructuring urban governance in China and the comparative and competitive advantages of Chinese institutions, both public and private, in dealing with the increasing complexity and scale of urban development and city making.

2. Comparative urbanization trajectories and policy initiatives of different countries in addressing the intersection of economic growth, sustainable planning, and the construction of future cities and rural areas, as well as the prospect for China to accelerate city-making in order to transform, if not aggravate, already strained social, political, economic patterns, including wealth formation, across society.

3. The capability of Chinese regulators and institutions, in collaboration with the private sector, to create economic, aesthetic, and sustainable values in the physical built environment by harnessing and integrating building form, design thinking, financing innovation, urban development and planning models, all in the context of sustainable economic growth.


Conference Details

  • Location:
  • Harvard Center Shanghai
  • 哈佛中心上海
  • Date:
  • June 6, 2018 | 9:00-21:00