Harvard China Student Internship Program

The Harvard China Student Internship Program (HCSIP) is offered in partnership with Chinese corporations, NGOs/NPOs, and multinational companies in China. Students experience modern China through their internship placements and gain an introduction to Chinese history and culture, all while learning first-hand about life in the workplace. The structure of the program includes a nine-week internship, a week-long field trip, and numerous cultural events.

Since 2008, HCSIP has grown into one of the largest and most successful summer internship programs at Harvard.

2020 Program
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Program Dates: Saturday, June 6th – Friday, August 14th, 2020. (One week of orientation/field trip organized by the Harvard China Fund will take place from June 6th to June 13th; Interns should plan to arrive in Shanghai by Saturday, June 6th).

Eligibility: Returning undergraduates from all concentrations are eligible to apply. Chinese language is not required to apply, but almost all of the internship positions require some knowledge of oral and written Chinese. Students must be able to commit to the entire 10-week program.

Potential Internship Locations: Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

Cost: All students will be responsible for the $2,500 program fee. Housing and airfare will be covered by funding from the host company, Harvard China Fund, or other sources of funding on campus. All interns will receive a small, variable stipend. Funding is available and all eligible students will be automatically considered for a grant from the Office of Career Services or other sources of funding after applying to HCSIP.

Information Session: Tuesday, December 10th at 12:30 – 2:00 PM (lunch provided); CGIS South S050, 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge MA 02138

How to Apply

Application Deadline: Wednesday, January 15, 2020
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Please submit the following materials when applying:

  • 2020 HCSIP Application
  • Essay (no more than two pages double spaced, see application form for the topic)
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Resume (no more than one page)
  • Letter of recommendation

Please submit all application materials through CARAT, Harvard's centralized application tool, and select the funding source Harvard China Student Internship Program. While all efforts should be made to submit the recommendation letter through CARAT, if your recommender is unable to access CARAT, please have them send their letter directly to Emmeline Liu:

Emmeline Liu
Harvard China Fund
1730 Cambridge St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Tel: 617-496-3982

Email: emmeline_liu@fas.harvard.edu


2020 Partners (To Be Updated)

Potential 2020 host companies:

BGI Shenzhen

#1: Bioinformatician

(focus on applying Deep Learning to transomics data - genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics) The interns will work with us on developing new models and algorithms to apply deep learning to obtain new insights into biological questions that cannot be achieved with traditional statistical methods.Specifically, we will try to model DNA and protein sequences with deep neural networks and explore the hidden information in these sequences.For example, with traditional statistics, scientists can study the relationship between individual variants and some disease. But how are these variants correlated and how do they affect (as a whole instead of individual ones) the disease? We will try to find new methods to answer these kinds of question with deep learning.

#2: Bioinformatic Researcher

Participate in analysis of metagenomics data
Explore new analyzing tools under the guidance of BGI scientists
Write report on his/her project

Blue Pool Capital

Summer Intern/Analyst

Assist in project management work
Assist in research
Assist in investment projects

Champion REIT

Summer Analyst

Gain a deep understanding of knowledge across the REIT sector in the APAC region.
Involve in evaluating potential global real estate investment opportunities.
Collaborate with senior team members in formulating business strategies for the portfolio properties.
Candidates can further discuss with the host company in creating project(s) that is of their interest.

China Market Research Group

Summer Analyst

Aid the CMR team in completing strategy projects, including drafting qualitative and quantitative research question sets, participating in and analyzing consumer interviews, analyzing overall contemporary Chinese market industry trends, developing business strategies for clients, and writing final project content, all aiding you work to develop a deep knowledge of the Chinese market alongside colleagues of the highest caliber.

China Universal Asset Management

Sales & Marketing Assistant for International Business Development

Provide overall market research as advised by the mentor in the healthcare field in the US marketComplete and support marketing material preparationSupport other advised researches

E Fund Management

#1: Quantitative Analyst

Developing and implementing quantitative investment strategies.Participating in development of innovative quantitative investment products.Other related work of research as assigned.

#2: Data Analyst

Tracking the latest academic research and Industry application of Artificial Intelligence and big data.Researching and expanding AI algorithm and financial data model.
Leading implementation of data modeling and algorithmic design for intelligent solutions.Participating in the construction of Intelligent Platform.

F.O.G. Capital & Asset Management

Investment Manager Assistant or Real Estate Asset Manager Assistant

Assisting manager in investment analysis, due diligence study, risk management and related works.

Harvard Business School

HBS Summer Research Intern

Interns may assist in some or all aspects of the work at the Harvard Center Shanghai, with their HBS focused staff members and Executive Director. Depending on what is going on when the interns arrive, students will participate in case writing and analytical work, desk research (e.g. company/industry/country micro and macroeconomic background research based on public data), helping pitch ideas in the discovery/ development phase, and more. The intern may also have an opportunity to support the Asia-Pacific Research Center depending on language skills, research interest and the research projects going on during the internship. This is an amazing opportunity for undergraduate students to delve into fascinating management issues. Interns may also have an opportunity to observe HCS programs and events, including Executive Education programs run by HBS for Chinese business executives.

Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy

#1: Book Editor

Researching statistics, editing writing, sourcing pictures, conducting expert interviews.
Working directly with Peggy Liu to write her book on China. “Gigascale, Gigapace: China’s Rapid Green Journey”

#2: Program Assistant

One of JUCCCE’s key flagship programs has been to build and teach curriculum for three government leadership academies on how to build sustainable cities. One of our core classes was “ecoheritage tourism.”Working directly with Peggy Liu on organizing a VIP event with central and local Chinese government and international tourism experts to come up with a strategy for turning a large mountain range into a conservation area with ecotourism revenues. This is precedence setting in China, as it begins to embark on creating a network of national parks for conservation, and tries to come up with economic models for local employment to transition out of industrial economies.

#3: Project Assistant

JUCCCE has been leading conversation around Personal and Planetary Health since 2010. Storytelling for sustainability has been a key focus of our organization's capability building since we started a seminal project to collectively visualize a new China Dream as both prosperous and sustainable. JUCCCE launched the Food Heroes program in 2013 at the World Economic Forum in Davos.According to Drawdown, the most comprehensive plan to reverse global warming, food systems are the biggest impact on carbon dioxide emissions. Changing what we choose to eat, how we eat it and how we grow it, is the most important contribution we can make as individuals. Food education is a new global priority because it can improve development pathways of entire countries. Yet most countries have no formal food education program. JUCCCE’s Food Heroes proprietary play-based food education system aims to change the way people eat, in a way that is good for them and good for the planet. The Food Heroes behavior change system is a combination of classroom activities, events, and home engagement. Food Heroes provide their parents tools for better parenting around diet. Food Heroes turns nutrition and sustainability knowledge into kidspeak for children ages 3-9 years old to bring actionable knowledge down to level of every bite. Food Heroes characters create an emotional connection of kids to teach them that sharing good food is sharing love. Bilingual, kid-tested, games teach food literacy, healthy diet basics, and impact of food on the world. Food Heroes know how to grow, prepare and share food with love and respect… for both their bodies and their planet.The dietary guideline upon which the curriculum is based was developed with world leading health and sustainability experts. Former Dean of Nutrition at Harvard Chan Public School of Health says the Food Heroes Eating Table approach is “brilliant”.Food Heroes is piloting in China, but its bilingual activities are starting to be localized in other countries.The intern will be able to use his/her superpowers where there is a good fit with program needs.For example,

  • Curriculum development experience, game play, creativity can be applied to ongoing development of the play-based games through conducting research and using creativity to formulate activities for young children; develop lesson plans for teachers; use digital layout skills to create supporting material.
  • Experience working with kids in a classroom setting or babysitting can be applied to playing with children to test activities and send feedback to team to adjust curriculum.
  • Work with world leading gamification guru Yukai Chou and the Octalysis Group to optimize the reward system for our curriculum.
  • Videography, video editing, on-camera experience can be applied to creating video tutorials for teachers on how to play games.
  • Cartoon fans with character development, voice performance, acting, narrative skills can help create episodes for Food Heroes animations. Work with our industry-leading expert Wonder Media in character animations.
  • Experience playing with educational toys, purchasing subscription boxes, sourcing and production can be used to create a home-based subscription box of games.
  • Native Chinese language skills, nutritional research can be used to write WeChat posts for parenting content for Supernanny TV social media channels.
  • Graphic design expertise can be applied to creating curriculum materials, learning toys, characters.
  • Sales, marketing and research experience can be applied to interfacing with teachers at schools who implement our materials into their curriculum. Conducting surveys on how to tailor curriculum to better suit ages and different school needs. Interviewing parents and children for feedback.
  • Photography skills are needed to take photos of events with children, food photography, short video production
  • English to Chinese translation experience can be applied to make our materials, website, and mobile app bilingual.
  • Published writers can work with Peggy Liu to edit articles for top magazines, books, newspapers.
  • Copy editors, web developers can help with writing and editing website and materials text.

Junior Achievement China

Program Assistant

Support/facilitate implementation of JA China educational workshops/programs in primary schools and high schoolsEnroll with developing activities and researching for the new programHelp with database establishment and maintenanceReview, edit and translate documents in the daily work.Assist in market intelligence and data analysisOther project-based work assigned

McKinsey & Co.

Research Intern

The internship is offered by China Knowledge Center, the research arm of McKinsey’s Greater China office. Interns will handle industry research requests mainly focused on the Chinese market, learn the McKinsey way of problem-solving, charting, and research skills.

Natural Resources Defense Council China Program

Program Intern

Participate in the research and advocacy projects in environmental law, governance and natural conservation (ocean/fisheries and wildlife protection);Provide support to the conference organization, report writing, and office administrative tasks.Assist with relevant policy research, document translation and data searching.

One Foundation

#1: Project Assistant (Shenzhen Project Department)

Located in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Project Department is committed to implementing and promoting innovative community-based public welfare projects in urban areas, primarily relating to fields of Child Care and Development, Disaster Management and philanthropic innovation.The internship offers an opportunity to experience project research & development and events management within the OF context, and to participate in the day-to-day tasks related to the realization of events.These tasks include:

  • Assisting coordinators in organizing events such as talks, training, study tours, etc.
  • Creation of invitations and posters using Adobe Photoshop/ Adobe Illustrator (software).
  • Contribution to the layout and design of promotional materials.
  • Logistics (registration, room set-up, securing services for the event, maintenance, catering, etc.).
  • Assisting in research activities
  • In addition to daily activities, the internship would require completion of several research projects related to the domain of Child Care and Development, Disaster Management and social innovation.
  • Regularly, our intern will be encouraged to give a presentation at the end of the internship to review his/her placement with all office staff.

#2: Campaign Marketing Assistant

One Foundation is the first organization to fundraise online in China and never stop to innovate creative ways to engage potential donors.

  • Working in the donor development to design a new giving product to sell in e-commerce platform
  • Setting up the organization’s shop online to sell digital and actual merchandise, which is a new way for fundraising

Primavera Capital Group

Summer Intern Analyst

Conducting company and industry researchAssisting full-time staff in financial and valuation analysisPreparing investment memo and financial model

PwC China Shanghai and Hong Kong

SANY Group Co., Ltd

Summer Intern

Based upon your interests and skills, you will be assigned to a position of IT Engineer, HR or Incubator Operation Manager. Your daily work involves

  • Real practice in the internship position, knowing about daily jobs;
  • Getting familiar with the operations procedures of the company.

Sinolink Securities

Research Assistant

Collect financial data and relevant business information about certain industry or companies from various sources as required;Assist to prepare weekly or monthly research report;Use accounting, financial and mathematical formula to build or improve financial models to analyze certain industries and companies.Other tasks directed by the superiors.

Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute

Research Assistant (Intern)

Carry out research on assigned topics related to Industrial Economic / Technology Analysis, Policy Research, Market Analysis and Forecasting, etc., especially with respect to the impacts on the industry in Taiwan, and presentation of results/findings.

Value Retail China

Business Intern

The intern will own a series of quantitative and qualitative analysis-based projects to help drive forward the business of our luxury and premium brands in Shanghai Village. This will likely involve a series of data inputs, including but not limited to, team interviews, quantitative analysis, competitor visits, market research, and beyond.

Testimonials & Past Interns

Since its inaugural summer in 2008, over 420 students have participated in the Harvard China Student Internship Program. For a sampling of student testimonials, please see below:

"JA China provided me with the opportunity to remember how lively and energetic children really are. Their sense of naïveté and enthusiasm reminded me of what it felt like to be driven by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. They brought me with them on their journey. In one week, I not only grew as a person but learned a hidden mission of Junior Achievement: The Greatest Gift of All is the Opportunity to Gift Opportunity." – 2019 Intern

“如同柏拉图在《理想国》里谈到,一个健康的城市需要每个人尽职尽责完成本职工作 — 这是理想的,然而他反对逾越阶层、接触工作之外的事物,这便是反乌托邦的。“各尽其职”的经济效益与“全面发展”的人文主义的正面冲突是亟须解决的社会问题,或许也正是哈佛博雅式+专业式相辅相成的教育模式所致力于化解的。“ - 2019 Intern

"The dominant theme for me this trip to China was accessing a side of China that is frequently hidden behind the scenes and inaccessible to outsiders—the how behind its economic miracle, miraculous development, and lightning efficiency that has come to define modern-day China." - 2019 Intern

2019 Internship Placements


Natural Resources Defense Council China Program

Emilly Fan

Primavera Capital Group

Mike (Zhuohan) Shao

SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

Jaron Zhou

Rebecca Xi


E Fund Management

Kevin Huang


Champion REIT

Howie Guo

Kathryn Wantlin


China Market Research Group

Nicole Zhang

China Universal Asset Management

Emma Lin

Erin Wong

Mark Xu

F.O.G. Capital & Asset Management

Jessica Tian

Harvard Business School - Harvard Center Shanghai

Bonnie Liu

Cynthia Cheng


Caleb Rak

Erica Wu

Katherine Enright

Junior Achievement China

Kamila Czachorowski

Vincent Pan

McKinsey & Company

Karen (Chin Wang) Chan

Ryan Leung

PWC China

John Ferguson

Sinolink Securities

Philip Milana

William Wu

Value Retail China

Dabao Guo


Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI)

Alex Pedersen

Isaac Robinson

One Foundation

Hannah Pan

Rowen Vonplagenhoef


Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute

Christie Hung