Xiaowei Zhuang

David B. Arnold, Jr. Professor of Science Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator

  • https://chemistry.harvard.edu/people/xiaowei-zhuang

Xiaowei Zhuang works in the areas of single-molecule biology and bioimaging, developing imaging techniques to study biological systems quantitatively. The understanding of living organisms has greatly benefited from imaging tools. In particular, understanding the inner workings of a cell requires imaging techniques with molecular-scale resolution such that molecular interactions and processes inside the cell can be directly visualized. Members of the Zhuang lab apply their diverse expertise in chemistry, physics, biology and engineering to develop imaging methods with single-molecule sensitivity, nanometer-scale resolution, and dynamic imaging capability to meet these challenges. They further apply these tools to study a variety of biological problems, such as how proteins and nucleic acids interact, how viruses infect cells, and how neurons compute.