Harvard China Student Service Program

The Harvard China Student Service Program (HCSSP) is offered in partnership with various Chinese Universities. Harvard and Chinese students are paired together to teach English, conduct poverty alleviation research, and visit local villages. Since summer 2012, the program has featured a collaboration with Tsinghua University's Summer Service Learning Program, including an introduction to Chinese language, culture and history.

Program Overview: The Educational Poverty Alleviation, initiated by Tsinghua University in 2003, is a public project aimed at benefiting China's poverty-stricken areas. The goal is to provide people in underdeveloped areas with the opportunity to utilize high-quality educational and training resources through the support of modern technology. As part of the Project, the Summer Service and Learning Program in rural China, supported by the Wang Foundation and Tseng Hin Pei Charity Fund, has organized 1,741 Tsinghua University students, accompanied by 250 faculty members, and 545 American and international students and faculty members for service work in rural counties over the past ten summers. The program promotes communication with local teachers and students, as well as communication and understanding between China and the United States. 

This month-long program, open to all returning Harvard degree students, begins with a 10-day introduction to Chinese language and culture, as well as outdoor activities and sightseeing in Beijing and Xi’an. Following this introduction, a 20-day service program groups American and Tsinghua students together to teach English, conduct poverty alleviation research, and visit local villages in approximately 30 of the poorest rural counties in China.