Annual Symposium

The Annual Research Symposium, held at the Harvard Center Shanghai, helps to generate research proposals and promote scholarly exchange between Harvard faculty and their Chinese colleagues.

The first such symposium on Humanities and Higher Education was held in March 2011, with Professors David Wang, Mark Elliott and William Kirby spearheading the planning.

Led by faculty chair Arthur Kleinman, the 2012 symposium was held May 8-9 and focused on The Current Situation of Health in China.

The 2013 symposium on Civil Society and Governance in China was held May 16-17, led by Professor Anthony Saich with Yu Keping of China's Central Compilation and Translation Bureau.

The 2014 symposium“China 2035: Energy, Climate, and Development” A symposium of the China Project, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, was held June 18-19 at the Harvard Center Shanghai.